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Lucia Animal Behavioral Practice

I focus on helping my clients to train their beloved pets



Adv.DipCABT | CAPBT Practitioner Member | COAPE Qualified Behaviour Practitioner | ICAN Member #521




The why and when...

I established Lucia Animal Behavioral Practice in 2017, where I focus on helping my clients to train their beloved pets and identify behavioral issues. This has been my passion for many years, and I enjoy every minute of it.

In my practice we learn through play, we allow our pets to make choices, we modify problematic behavioural problems by using EMRA, ESTA and MHERA, we train by using positive reinforcement training methods, we take our dogs often to parks to decompress and hit the roads for long sniffy walks

Since obtaining my diploma I worked as a consulting Behaviourist and has built up a successful behavioural practice named Lucia Animal Behavioural Practice. I am also a member of the CAPBT (COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Training: www.cabt.org).


Dog and Cat training

Dog and Cat consultations


Shelter assessments

Behavioral modification programs


Dog behavior consultations

Cat behavior consultations

Veterinarian Consultation with private clients

Provide information & counselling to potential adopters

Provide behavior support for foster parents

Provide assessment and enrichment for animals in shelters

Participate in public speaking such as training and conferences

Provide information, tips and blogs for social media


Dog Training

Puppy Training

Dog Walking

Shelter Assessment for Cats & Dogs

Develop information and training materials for clients and shelters


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